Hey guys.  I feel a revival coming on!  Blogging, DIY and Photography have all taken a waaaay back seat over the last year, and I think it’s time bring it back to the forefront of my life!

My most recent project has been going through the spaces of our home and getting rid of stuff.  Selling it, giving it away, donating it, etc.  There is just way too much stuff around here that no longer has a use.  It’s amazing what a decade in a house can make you accumulate.  And I’m a horrible shover, as in when I need to make space, I pile things together into a smaller space and forget about it.  Bad, bad habit.

I’ve been making a lot of use of a local Facebook buy and sell page that is local.  Lots of stuff will be leaving this weekend and I’m very excited about it!

On the DIY front, I’ve got my next project picked out.  It’s an old wicker chest/trunk that has been around since I was a kid.  My parents dumped it on me and it’s been sitting in the garage for several years, and I’m sure it’s pretty buggy and mildewy by now.  Hubby keeps trying to convince me to do something with it or chuck it, so it’s time.

Stay tuned for more updates!  And no, the next update won’t come four months from now.  But don’t think I couldn’t hear you thinking that!

Happy Friday my friends


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