Hi Friends!

My name is Emily. Welcome to my little slice of paradise!

Five Twenty Nine.  It’s my house number, and since the house is the focus of this weblog (and because I’m not creative enough to come up with a clever name) there you have it.
This is not my first bloggy go around.  I hail from The Vintage Jar Blog which I started in April 2013 before my wedding to document wedding stuff, but it turned into a DIY and Photography thing and I just wasn’t feeling it.  So, I moved!

I had a happy childhood growing up.  I was raised by many.  My Mom passed away when I was very young, only 3 years old.  My little sister was 5 weeks old when Mom died.  It was my Dad and my sister and I for a long time and I only have fond, happy memories of those times.
When I was about 8 years old, my Dad married my Stepmom, and with that came my Stepsisters.  Between my sister, half sister and stepsisters, there are seven of us total!!!


I’m on the far right in the red plaid. Because apparently I need to wear plaid.

It was a wonderful, chaotic, loud, entertaining way to grow up.  Life was rarely dull with that many siblings, and oh my gosh holidays are so much fun!  My favorite has always been when we bring a guy home with us for a holiday.  My sisters and I don’t baby the newcomers, nor do we toss any ropes out if we are the one who brought the guy.  We push him in and tell him to sink or swim!  Most sink.  The survivors marry us.  *smile*  It’s left us with a broad, humorous, fun loving bunch of men in the house and my Dad loves it!  It’s gotta be overwhelming to spend so many years surrounded by so much estrogen, so he welcomed our men with open arms.

I met my wonderful, hilarious, supportive husband ten and a half years ago when I was 19 years old.  After a long engagement, we were finally hitched in 2013!


This house we bought in 2006 has been a bit of a journey for us. For starters, it’s nearly 125 years old!  One of our largest obstacles in updating things has been what we ‘do’.  Josh and I volunteer with several dog rescues and once we moved into the house, we began fostering dogs. Untrained dogs. Unhousebroken dogs. Dogs who chew and have other destructive behaviors. It has been our responsibility to care for them, socialize them, train them, teach them how to be normal house dogs, then adopt them into loving forever homes when they are ready. While the last eight years of rescue have been incredibly rewarding despite the damage to our home, we’ve come to a place in our lives where it’s time to make a change.

We would like to start our family soon so we have decided to cut back on our fostering efforts and begin focusing on making our home into the sanctuary that we have always dreamed of!  We will be updating things room by room, penny by penny, DIY’ing as much of it as we possibly can!

I invite you to join us on our journey to making this old house our home!


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