DIY Lamp Makeover

This is a popular project around the blogosphere recently. Lamp makeovers!

Last spring while on a DIY/Thrift Store/Garage Saleing trip with my sister in law, I came across this lamp and shade for $3.00.

Both were a dingy white, but the shade was in good condition and the pattern of the lamp base was kind of neat, plus we needed a new lamp in our guest bedroom anyways.
So I picked it up and brought it home.

It’s been sitting in the bedroom since. Now that we’ve finally gotten around to dealing with that bedroom, it was time to deal with the lamp as well.

I took it apart so that the bulb, shade and base were separated. The base got wiped down to remove the grunge and I sprayed a couple of coats of this glossy grey on it. I wasn’t sure about the color, but it grows on me a little more every time I look at it.



With the base handled, I needed to decide if I had the energy to try a shade cover up. I’ve always wanted to, but I’ve read too many stories of bloggers really screwing it up their first go around. After a trip to JoAnn’s, I came home with two different fabrics and after some debate with the hubby, we settled on this white and light grey paisley. I LOVE the other fabric, but I have a new idea for it. The lamp is actually needed for light, so keeping a lighter, whiter fabric on the shade would allow more light to pass through.

I used this tutorial to make my pattern.  It was incredibly detailed and my shade redo went off without a hitch because of it.  I highly recommend it!
I used Christmas gift wrap for the pattern because it was handy.


Then I laid the pattern the back side of my fabric and lightly traced that with pencil.


I used Elmers spray adhesive to attached the fabric to the shade, as well as to tuck the corners in on the top and bottom. It holds up pretty nicely!


Oops, crooked picture!

Oops, crooked picture!

This project took all of about 45 minutes of hands on time. The holdup only came from waiting for the paint to dry!

And because everybody loves a before and after…

Now that I’ve completed my first lamp makeover, I’m jonesing to tackle the rest of the lamps in my home!

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Guest Bedroom

Our latest indoor project at the moment is our guest/spare bedroom.  For the first couple of years, the room was actually just a storage room.  Then, when my Grandpa moved down south, we were given a full size bed and put that into the room.  So, at least there was a place for people to sleep if they ended up needing to stay the night after having one too many or some such!

Unfortunately, more often than not, the room still wasn’t even suitable for a person because the bed would be buried in stuff.
Actually, since we’re here and I want to be honest, this is what it normally looks like:


Ugh. Yeah. That’s embarrassing.

Can you even locate the bed in that disaster?

So, hubby and I spent last Sunday moving stuff out and rearranging the furniture. My sister in law is coming to stay here in a couple of weeks to house and dog sit while we go up north, and I want her to be comfortable in the room she will be using. Not afraid to turn the lights out because she might be consumed by the ‘stuff’ that has taken over the room!

So far so good. The deadline we’ve given ourselves is ten days from now so that we aren’t waiting til the last minute. Hopefully I’ll have some after photos of the finished project within the week!