The Fence

I’d like to begin my intro with some really exciting news here at Five Twenty Nine!   We’re getting a fence!!!


Why is this so exciting?  Well let me tell you.  We are proudly owned by several dogs who have never known the pleasure of having their own fenced yard.  Also, eight years of fostering dogs equals eight years worth of freezing Minnesota winter mornings where I had to stand outside in my PJ’s waiting for a foster dog to go potty.  Eight springs worth of rain storms that I walked around in, waiting for dogs to go potty.  This fence means that I get to stand in the back doorway and watch while my dogs go potty…by themselves.

I’m not one to condone leaving dogs unattended in a fenced yard.  Which is why even with my own dogs, whom I trust off leash to do their thing, I still go outside with them to supervise.  But on cold mornings when we don’t have foster dogs, I can watch from behind the glass.  I can’t do that with foster dogs.  Especially our current foster dog, whom we’ve had on and off for more than a year now.

So yesterday, the hubby and I spent most of the day drilling holes and setting posts for the new fence!


Trust me, it’s exciting. Not to mention, it will close off our patio nicely and make it more like a room. Also, we live at the edge of town where the speed on the road out front turns into 55mph. Not only will it keep our dogs safe, but when we finally get around to having kids, I will feel a lot better about them being outside.

I’ve been hinting towards a fence since we moved in, but my hubby has always been hesitant.  Why the sudden change of heart?  Well you see that lot to the left of us?  There is an abandoned, condemned house on that lot and after many years, it’s been purchased.  We will probably get neighbors, and likely more than one unfortunately.  We’re used to not having neighbors.  So we’d prefer to just not see them and pretend they don’t exist.  I’m sure they wll be nice people.  But still.  Oh, plus my dogs like to go poop over there sometimes, even if I yell at them.  So this will stop that.

Welcome to Five Twenty Nine!